Fred Schmalz
Fred SchmalzThere are only a few blacksmiths left in Germany, who have a good grasp of the technics that, by hand, turn iron into longlasting and aestheticly molded blades. Fred Schmalz is someone who has mastered this art. Once one has seen a knive made by Fred Schmalz, one cannot defy its fascination. You only get the purest handwork.

Hubert Janson

Hubert JansonHubert Janson is one of Ashleys calling cards. In the time they started renovating the Frauenkirche in Dresen, i received a major order from Mr. Janson: It didn't take long before the background became clear - Mr. Janson had been assigned to recreate many wooden ornaments of this very church. For this important task he did need special tools, tools of great quality.



Dannecker Collection"The Dannecker Collection is located in northern Germany, in the centre of the Lüneburg Heath, 9 kilometres from the town of Lüneburg, well-known for its history in the production of salt.The idea of clothing came to us, while wearing the products ourselves outdoors, that such trousers, jackets, etc. would be sought after by others. Rainproof and outdoor clothing, alongside other articles, are carefully selected for our customers with practical and functional points in mind. We aim to specialize in riding, working and all round weather articles of clothing and include in our criteria high quality, first-class craftsmanship and an extremely hard-wearing and durable life span for the material used. Visit our shop in Kirchgellersen and not only the articles on view in the internet are to be found but many more interesting offers. Come and see if you can find a bargain and make your visit worthwhile."


Messer Magazin

Messer MagazinJournal about knives, with a new issue every two months.



Four issues a year about woodturning, workshops and artists.