My experiences

Since 1989 ASHLEY has been a one man business with an assortment of ambitious tools for artistic woodworking, knifes for kitchen an everyday use, as well as natural stones for grinding and sharpening.

I source my products specifically and almost exclusively from small european craftman's businesses. The features of these products are individual production and handcraft. This way every tool has the character of a unique. Solely for final works, like grinding the bevel and for surface treatment, a motor is running. It's experienced blacksmiths and blacksmiths with exceptional idealism, true forging artists that create such "tool - gems".

Do you like my tools, do you share my view?

The decision for high-class products also has something to do with my actual profession:
I am a sculptor ("Kunst im Zeichen der Erde") and i have been able to learn this profession the classical way in a business. There the advice was given to me to learn and comprehend to perfect my work - not only to get works or tasks done, but to incorporate ones best possible skills into the creation. Work finished that way become impressed.

This intense inner discussion and the resultant insight into aesthetics and quality have in succession made me alert to qualitative varieties of tools. Why shouldn't the same demands that guide me on concept and composition of my ornaments, figures and sculptures, apply to the tools i use? It really started during the time of my education in the middle of the 70's, that i went looking for exceptional tools. This, after many detours and research led me ten years later to ASHLEY. You are able to see the results on this pages and rightly so i can affirm: perfected tools perfect your work.